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Day in the life of a stay at home mom of twins during quarantine

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

What is it like being a twin mom during quarantine?

First off, I am so incredibly thankful that we are all very healthy!

I am also extremely thankful that during this interesting time, we have a steady income from my husband's work, as well as mine. His office has asked him to work from home during the stay-at-home order. I already work from home so my situation didn't necessarily change too much. In a way, it has been a blessing in disguise that we can both be home with our girls. I mean, what a special time it is to bond with them and watch them grow.

Side note - they grow SO FAST! Seriously...every parent I know has said "they grow so fast" but WOW! They really do. I am so glad we can both be here to experience it from the start.

With that said, it can still be very difficult sometimes simply because we are all here, and are still expected to accomplish all of the same things, in these small walled-in spaces. So now, my new role, along with being a new mom, is to keep both of our 9 week old babies calm and content while my husband is on his business calls. I hop on some business calls too, but I have a bit more scheduling flexibility whereas his are on a hard-set-schedule. It is one thing to keep two babies fed, burped, changed, clean/bathed, entertained, hold them, work on tummy time, and show them love. It is another thing to do all of that while keeping the house quiet so he can effectively speak on his business calls. Oh, let's not forget that during all of this, I need to also feed myself, pump breast milk, shower, clean the house, prepare dinner, conduct my own business communications, and keep myself sane.

Through all of this, we have quickly learned a lot about our parenting style. In fact, I think it has accelerated many learning opportunities for the two of us with our babies. Many of the things we have learned could be directly applied to multiple parenting situations, even traveling as a family because we'd be put into a similar scenario of all being in one space for a long period of time. The things that seem to work best in this situation are, taking deep breaths, remember to have patience, laugh, accept that this is a phase, take lots of walks, and remind each other that we love one another.



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