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Hey there!

Did you just wake up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, hop out of bed and immediately run to the gym or knock a business call out of the park before even brushing your teeth? Neither did I. And guess what. That’s ok. We’re human! We may have days like that every once in a while but in reality most of our days probably look a little but less ecstatic. But how do you go from waking up tired and drowsy, to being the kick butt ninja that you know you are?? You’ve come to right place my friend. Today I’m going to share my top 10 tips to help pump you up to attack your day!

So let’s hit the ground running!

Here is tip #1 - prepare yourself for success starting the night before. Take just 5-10 mins the night before, right before you go to bed, selecting and placing clothing for the day, and pack any personal items in your bag that you might need if you’re going somewhere.

Tip #2 - remind yourself of your goals and visualize your goals - now I know we are all busy and likely don’t have extra time specifically designed for dreaming and painting beautiful ideas of our goals use your morning routine time wisely by visualizing your goals and imagine yourself achieving those goals, like absolutely crushing them! Visualize it while brushing your teeth! Imagine you’re showering in your dream home!

Tip #3 - remind yourself of your wins and give yourself affirmations. Telling yourself powerful statements out loud. Mindset is soooo important in everything we do - how we present ourselves to others, how we react to new information and events, and even makes a major impact on how we view ourselves (which affects a whole bigger topic on self worth and power up positive mindset to set your mood). Build it into your morning commute, or build it into your breakfast with your family. Do it however you can fit it in - I like to share affirmations with my twins about myself and about them, while I feed them breakfast. Saying it out loud makes it seem more believable to ourselves. After all we are the first ones who need convincing. It’s easier for others to believe in us when we first believe in ourselves.

Tip #4 -

Listen to pump up music!! This is the thing that gets my energy flowing more than anything else. And if you are an early riser and don’t want to wake up your whole house, listen to music in headphones! Music is powerful - make a playlist of pump up songs that you know will get your juices flowing!

Tip #5 -

Healthy breakfast. Let’s face the facts. We are what we eat. If you put power food in, you’ll get power out! If you put crap in, well, that’s what you’ll get out. Treat your body like it is the one and only spaceship that’s going to fly you to your dream destination! Because it is. I don’t mean to say you’re a spaceship. I mean to say our we only get one body and we need to treat it right so we are capable of succeeding when we reach an opportunity to show our strength!

(I drink a complete shake every morning - super yummy, fast and healthy vegan/gluten-free shakes!)

Tip #6 - open your curtains! Breath and let in the sunlight. Natural sunlight actually awakens your brain and senses in the way that makes you feel more centered and balanced. It also helps me personally to remember that life is happening in full swing outside and I’d like to be a contributing part of the world so I better put on my outfit for the day and get to it.

Tip #7 -

Optimize your alarm to be a sound that doesn’t make you hate the world. Seriously don’t traumatize yourself with something that goes “eh! eh! eh!”... set it for something that will bring you peace as you wake up. Could be a default noise or a song - if you’re using your phone set it to a song that brings you joy! Personally I use a song that start out kind of quiet and then turns upbeat so it’s a peaceful tradition and I’m not startling myself. But make sure it’s lively enough to actually wake you. Find your balance depending on how light or heavy of a sleeper you are.

Tip #8 -

Make your to do list the night before so you know exactly what tasks need attention. Get a brain dump all out on paper in some form, and then tackle one at a time!... or multitask if that’s your jam. You got this!

Tip #9 -

As a part of your morning routine, dress for what you want to accomplish that day. If you want to be a boss dress like it! Doesn’t matter if you’re not leaving your house or if nobody is going to see you. If you’re rocking sweats all day, there’s a chance you’re not showing up with full power. Dress for success! (In whatever way seems appropriate for your tasks!)

Tip #10 -

Schedule in physical fitness in some way - if you can get in a morning workout a few times a week that’s a gold way to start your morning! If all you have for is a quick 5 minute stretch - try to fit it in, it will make a difference! Get up earlier the days you want to do real work outs ans that way you can schedule time for a shower etc. before life happens.

I hope you found this helpful!! This full blog is also available as a video on my YouTube Channel HERE! I hope you subscribe and I look forward to sharing more insight soon!



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