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Vlogmas on YouTube

Hi friends! I am doing VLOGMAS this year! You may be wondering, what is vlogmas? Vlogmas is a full month event on YouTube, where essentially, video creators share a new video everyday of December. Most videos are holiday related to help get viewers in the holiday spirit! This year, your girl here is partaking! I am so excited to join in on this fun festive month-long event! With that said, a lot of work and planning goes into it. It is not easy to pump out new high-quality video content everyday, but I am giving it my best shot!

For anyone out there curious about what kind of videos I will be sharing, here is a list of some video ideas I have had - and many of these will be featured on my YouTube channel!

  1. Christmas clean with me

  2. Christmas decorate with me

  3. Secret Santa unboxing

  4. How to create a holiday care-package

  5. Holiday shop with me

  6. Day in the life of a busy mom during the holidays

  7. Holiday clothing haul

  8. Christmas Tag video - answering seasonal questions to get in the holiday spirit

  9. Family activities like zoo lights and art exhibits

  10. Christmas treat bake with me or Christmas cookie recipes

  11. Holiday cocktail and cocktail recipes

  12. Family outing to meet Santa or writing letters to Santa

  13. Gift wish list

  14. What am I getting my kids for Christmas

  15. Holiday party and guest hosting tips

  16. Opening gifts on Christmas and what we received

  17. Christmas home tour

  18. Holiday romance stories

  19. Family Traditions

  20. Favorite holiday music

  21. Favorite holiday movies

  22. Traveling tips

  23. Traveling pack with me

  24. Travel vlogs

  25. New Year's Eve reflection and goals video

It all starts December 1st on my YouTube channel: Summer Winter Mom!

Looking forward to sharing the magic of this fun Holiday season with you!

Happy Holidays!


Summer Winter Mom


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