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My first pregnancy ultrasound - TWINS?!

It’s amazing how so much of your world can be changed by one simple phrase. For me, that phrase was exactly one year ago, the day I visited the doctor for my very first [10 week] pregnancy ultrasound.

I was so excited to hear the heartbeat, and even more importantly, make sure everything was okay - because this was my very first pregnancy and I had no idea what to expect or how to know if everything was going okay in there. All I knew was that the stick said I was pregnant. 😂

I knew there was a chance of having twins because my grandma had twins, but I definitely did not expect it!! My husband was traveling at the time of my appointment, so my mom accompanied me.

The ultrasound technician brought up the screen and immediately had us listen to the heartbeat. Then she said “oh, and here’s another heartbeat”. I asked if she was kidding and she got super serious and said “I don’t kid!” Then happy tears just began streaming down my face and my mom stared at the screen with her jaw dropped open 😂

It was such an incredible moment. Just thinking about it makes me feel like crying again, especially while looking at my beautiful babies!! 💞

So of course I called my husband as soon as the appointment was complete. It was 3AM where he was, but he was expecting me to call and tell him about how the first appointment went. I specifically said “the baby is perfectly healthy and exactly where it should be... AND THE OTHER ONE IS TOO!” There was a whole second of silence and he just responded “TWINS????!” with the happiest, surprised, high pitched tone 😂❤️ I said “YEAH!!!!”

It was an absolutely incredible moment!

Fast forward 1 year and here we are. 💝

🙏🏼We are so thankful, and so in love💗

My twin pregnancy ultrasound


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